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Christine and I wasted no time at all starting a family of our own. We got married on 27th January 2008 and discovered that Christine was pregnant on 20 March 2008. Here are some of his Ultrasound scans.

 The Arrow shows how we knew he was a boy! No surprises for us......

A 3D picture of him.

Trevor was born to us after 38 weeks on 15 November 2008 at 1934H, and weighed 3205gm, was 51cm long and had a head circumference of 35.5cm. Here he is in the delivery suite, just after I had cut his umbilical cord and when he was beinging weighed. Of course, he peed on the nurse......

Me as a proud father holding him for the first time

How time flies.....and before we knew it, he was already 1 month old. Here he is with mummy Christine at his 1 month celebration

Here's a family photo, during my mum's birthday dinner

And with 4 generations of Tan's together

The entire family got together for a family photo during Chinese New Year 2009

And on a field trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens, which was the same place I had brought Mummy Christine to when she had first arrived in Singapore.

I brought him to a Mercedes Club meet too

and of course, to one of my miata meets as well...watch out for a flying shoe......

 And here's a pic of him when we went on his first road trip out of the country, in Malaysia, to Genting.

His 6th month old birthday celebration

and a trip to Mac Ritchie Reservoir (read about it here)

And then to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve...boy i sure do know how to make him laugh