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I was in the market for a 2 door sports coupe. I had earlier driven 4 door hatches (and not very hot ones) and had decided that the next car I would get would be a sports coupe, one with a sun-roof preferably. Amongst my selection were the Nissan 200sx S13, Toyota Celica GT4, Fiat Coupe Turbo, Toyota MR2 SW20, BMW coupes and the Honda CRX. I was almost going to confirm my purchase of a tasty 16v yellow Fiat Coupe Turbo, but a run-in with the local traffic police waylaid my plans. I was also serious about the S13, but back then, my driveway was waaaaay too steep and no S13 could make it up and down without having the front bumper take some massive abuse (I let the dealer try to convince them).

Anyhow, one day I was walking around one of the local used car dealerships when a dealer convinced me to just try test-driving the miata, just to see how it felt. The rest, as they say, is history after I test drove the miata and immediately fell in love with Miatas. Researching more about Miatas, I was convinced that I had found the car I wanted to buy, especially when I identified with the design philosophy behind its creation. I selected my current car out of about 6 Miatas that I had looked at, researched and test-driven. Another entirely new homepage for the miata is here should you be interested in finding out more.


Here she is on the first day I got her. She's a 1993 1.6 Mazda Mx-5 Manual (or Mazda Miata or Eunos Roadster, depending on which country you're from). I got her bone stock, down to the rims, except for the sound system. She was originally red but 1 of the previous owners had repainted her Silver. She came with 70.000km on the odometer and I was in luuurrrvvvee.


Before long, my stock miata had morphed into something quite a bit different.


Well, Pamela's demise led to the creation of Cameron. This should be the last of my colour changes, I'm really quite happy with the way she is right now. First pictures of her straight out of the paint shop.

At one of the Miata Club of Singapore Meets.

At Pasir Gudang, the track that I visit.