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Why a Tank?

The Mercedes Benz 200E W124 was cheap to buy; had reasonably priced spare parts; was famous for it's build quality; was widely known to be over-engineered; was safe as hell; had a large interior and boot; had good resale value; and also, I liked the way it looked and the fact that it was FR (Front engine, Rear Wheel drive) which was the only configuration that I wanted to buy ever since I got the Miata. Besides. it seemed that I was happy with cars in that generation and this was keeping to my trend in choice of cars.

My Tank

I ended up getting a 1991 8v model which was facelifted to the later E200 model. It's bonnet, grilles, light assemblies, rear boot and registration number were all changed to keep the external appearances up. Inside, I had the wood trimmed interior and a SRS airbag steering wheel fitted to complete the transformation.

Here she is, no mods whatsoever (ok ok. A drop in K&N Panel Filter).