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Cars as a Hobby

Cars started being a hobby for me in 1999 courtesy of a group of motor heads I hung out with in Uni. It started off simply, with driving and then moved on to small little design and build projects for the car. Slowly, I learnt more and more and started getting more adventurous with my projects. I can do my own servicing, can install and change brake pads and rotors, have installed and tuned my own stand-alone Flyin' Miata Link ECU together with an Innovate LC1 WBO2 sensor. Other than that, I love driving, tracking and just talking cars.

Renault Campus

I started off with my first car, a Renault Campus 1.1, back in 1999, where mobile phones had yet to saturate the world, pagers were the norm and digital cameras were a rarity. Pardon the poor quality but here are some pics

I had darkened the tail light clusters myself and had painted the black plastic panels red!

More red in front at the wiper arms and Renault logo. Also......Eyelids....very badly done.

And here's a classic photo of a much slimmer and fitter me, with floppy hair and baggy clothes.

Fiat uno 1.0.i.e

Slightly after a year, I scrapped the Renault and moved on to a Fiat Uno 1.0.i.e. This was the car that made me fall in love with Red.

Yes yes...i know...GT Wing on a hatch with no body kit.....I was young then. Loved the rims though....ROH.

Seeing these dials always brought a smile to my face.